GIS Ambassador Program

GIS users in industry and higher education who are keen on supporting the use of GIS in K-12 are strongly encouraged to become GIS Ambassadors. By becoming a GIS Ambassador, you and your organization can engage Canadian youth and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

What is a GIS Ambassador?

A GIS Ambassador can be any GIS user already working in industry or in higher education who recognizes the significance of geography and spatial thinking in K-12 education.

How can GIS Ambassadors help?

There are many support options for GIS Ambassadors. We encourage them to do at least one of the following activities during the school year (September-June):

  • Create a map or app with their organization’s data or other data that would be relevant to K-12 education projects and assignments. The resources created can be used at school visits and will be highlighted in the GIS Ambassador Hub.
  • Provide a presentation/workshop (virtually or in-person). This can be connected to GIS Day, to a K-12 teacher/class or another event. We will provide you with resources to use in your outreach.
  • Create a video or story map about what you do with GIS in your work or school, and if applicable, what you have done so far as a GIS Ambassador.
  • Provide support in K-12 education. This can be included but not limited to working with a teacher or class on a project, data support, development of a lesson or tutorial, or judging/helping to develop the annual Skills Ontario GIS competition question.

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